Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Honeymoon Dessert 2012

Kev and I enjoyed our honeymoon over in the East, side of the world at our most favourite destination. Bright lights, bustling atmosphere, where shops stay open till 1am, awesome food and with mega shopping involved, who can get tired of Hong Kong??! Even though we visit HK every 3 years, we always find new exploits, new restaurants and new shopping districts – makes the perfect destination where everything is familiar, when it’s not, if that makes sense!

Though we are well familiarised with Kowloon/New Territories, there is always something to keep us occupied or something we can explore and love blending in with the locals and becoming one of them; living and eating the way they do and generally being a typical Hong Kong-er! One thing we will do next time is to learn more and make the most of what the Hong Kong Island (Central) has to offer. We have only jumped over to the island a couple of times over the past visits, but next time, we will endeavour to see delve deeper and see what lies beneath the surface. Probably not much being a business district/bustling city, but you just never know… HK has its surprises!

During our honeymoon, we spent a lot more time chilling and taking strolls rather than rushing to visit every attraction HK has to offer. Since this is almost a second home to us, we didn’t have to behave like tourists and we really enjoyed just eating and shopping and spending more time with family. We did finally visit Disneyland which we were a little put off to begin with when it first opened, but we thought we might as well tick off another attraction off our list! It was delightful but not as fantastic as I imagined other Disneylands to be as the park is quite small in comparison to its American Counterpart, however, Kev and I really made the most of it and lasted till then end to watch the spectacular fireworks display.

Here are just a few pics from our honeymoon. We also made a visit to S. Korea - Seoul.

Everland Attraction Park in S.Korea

Prawn & Mango Sushi

Kevin taking in a leisurely stroll along Clear Water Bay and soaking in the sun

Kev and I at Times Square

Enjoying a Korean BBQ round the corner from our Hotel

Robot Wars!! Can you believe they are some sort of shell fish?! Ah-maazzing. Never seen anything like it before! This was at Sai Kung

Kevin holding a $3000 king crab. Awesome.

At Seoraksan National Park, S.Korea

A magnificent temple At Seoraksan National Park, S.Korea

Monday, 6 August 2012

Arm Candy

Came across this beautiful vintage style arm cuff from Zara. It has a very elegant and whimsical feel about it with all the pearls and diamantes. Perfect to jazz up an outfit or for a wedding. Thought I share.

20星期日 5月 2012年 ~ Our Wedding Day

Well it has been a very long time since I last posted a blog. So much has happened since May. Kevin and I finally wed on 20th May and we had a beautiful and memorable day that anyone could wish for ♥ ♥

When it came to walking down the aisle, we were preparing ourselves before we took the long walk down the aisle. The isle took about 1min and 30secs or so to walk down so we all had a hefty walk to the pillars! My nerves really got the better of me and I could see my bridesmaids being just as emotional as I was! I was completely overwhelmed knowing I was minutes away from being married to my one and only and having my guests watch me as I walk down the 'love aisle', as I call it. Dad said a few encouraging words to me before we walked down the aisle and was glad he was by my side.

My favourite part of the whole day was the ceremony, mainly because it was the most touching and the sincerity of exchanging ourvows to each other was the most important aspect of whole the day for us. I truly believed every word and vow we promised each other and it was an unforgettable moment for us! I did get emotional saying my part of the vows, but I think that just added to the 'specialness' to the ceremony. Kevin was as ever, cool, calm and collected. My better half :)

If there was one thing I could change about the day; I wished we could have had more time to spend with our loved ones. The day was so hectic for us but I think this is just how wedding goes - It's like a whirlwind but it was great to be swept off our feet!

Thank you to those who made our day just that more special

Here are just a few from our wedding day..

Our wedding rings. My ring was bespoke and designed by moi! It has diamonds set along the top of the ring in a channel & bezel setting

Kev's ring is a half court ring; nice & simple.

Both Platinum - for Longevity :)