Monday, 29 October 2012

Casual Glitz

Hello my lovelies! After a casual night out with some friends, I quickly asked my husband to snap a few pics of me as soon as I stepped through the door. I received so many lovely compliments wearing this coat that I had to share with you my fabulous recent purchase.

The jacket oozes glamour without being too over the top, yet you can pair it with simple Tee and Jeans to really dress down the look yet appear effortlessly made up. The sequins really helps jazz up a plain and simple outfit. I love the hard military edge against the feminine features of the jacket.

I think my ceiling spotlights just emphasizes the spectacular sequins a way too much in the photos but nonetheless, it is a sexy coat and I absolutely love it!

Necklace: Forever 21

Bag: Korean Brand from boutique in Cambridge

Shoes: Old season, from Dorothy Perkins

Jeans: Gap

Vest - H&M

Jacket: Ebay - contact me for seller's details

The jacket is very well made and doesn't look 'cheap'. All sequins are all in tact and doesn't feel like they will fall off anytime soon. Such a great addition to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe collection.

What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your thoughts

Jen xoxo

Friday, 5 October 2012

I ❤ My Workplace | Jesus College, Cambridge |

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to work in one of the most prestigious working environments in Cambridge. It is a place that is distinctly peaceful and sets it apart from all other Cambridge Colleges. The place is filled with delightful photographic opportunities and I wanted share a few of my favorite photographs that I had taken over the last few months. Some has been edited and filtered, others have not. Enjoy! ヅ

‘The Chimney’ – Main Entrance and Cambridge’s most common mode of transport

First Court | Sculpture: Barry Flanagan : Bronze Horse 1983

First Court with the Horse Sculpture and Cloister Court – The sun always cast the best arch shadows

Quincentenary Library Antony Gormley : Learning to See

Sculpture: Danny Lane: Empress Glass

Sculpture: Sir Eduardo Paolozzi : Daedalus on Wheels 1994, Bronze, Chapel Court

Second Court with the infamous ‘bent bushes’. Sculpture: Geoffrey Clarke : Call it Hadrian's Wall

Jesus College Chapel

Chapel Court & The archway known as ‘Angel Arch’

Ever wondered what a ‘Fellow’s’ office looked like inside? Not much, just books and a desk…but some Fellows' offices do seem very ‘old worldly’ in some of them…