Wednesday, 3 June 2015


During our stay in Kyoto last April, we booked a 4 night stay in a capsule hotel. We had been looking forward to this stay more than ever due to the brilliant design concept of a simple, fit for purpose, comfortable and unique experience hotel stay.

Capsule hotels are not everyone’s thing, however, 9 Hours is a simply designed, innovative, 
minimalist and straightforward hotel. Its concept is clear and simple: You sleep for 8 hours, an hour to groom and then you go.  

This hotel is more practical then luxurious, but you certainly do not feel like you are in a sleazy run down establishment – the interior is modern, futuristic and it defies the traditional vision of ‘Capsule Hotels’.

Capsule Hotels are not for those who consider them ‘private’ individuals – you have to be comfortable to appreciate and share a common courtesy.  Females and Males are separated by floor level. Each guest receives a locker key, slippers, towel, lounge wear and basic necessary amenities such as toothpaste and toothbrushes et al and the bathroom facilities are more than suffice.  There is also a lounge area on the ground floor with computer access.

The sleeping pod was surprisingly spacious and I certainly did not feel confined.  I could have done with my own pillow as the hotel ones were not to my liking but overall, the pods were comfortable and clean. Fortunately, I had no snorers, farters or loud chatterboxes during my stay.  Best to bring your own earplugs in your travel bag.

Each unit is fitted with a built in sleeping system, where the illuminated lights wake you up at a set time.  There are useful USB sockets for charging the necessary travel appliances and there is a blind at the end of the capsule which you pull down for privacy within your own pod.

It may not be 5 Star in label, but it was certainly 5 star for a clean, comfortable, innovatively designed, modern and practical living accommodation when travelling.


  1. Wow! So clean and it even looks quite cosy! I love how everything is white :)

    Paula x

  2. ps: I saw your messages on my posts via email, but i can't see it on my blog. How strange! Thanks for commenting though, never knew you had a blog! xxxx

    1. That is bizarre. I have used Disqus before so not sure whats up :(
      Thanks for stopping by x

  3. woah, this looks so cool but I'd personally feel quite claustrophobic!

    1. It's more spacious than it looks in the pictures. Such a unique experience! If you ever go to Japan, would be good to try out a capsule hotel :)

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  5. 9 Hours Hotel looks really cool, and I've always wanted to stay in a capsule hotel. What a neat idea! Although, I worry that I may feel a little claustrophobic after awhile, but I would still like to try it at least once in my life. Enjoy your travels and good luck!

    Danielle Richardson @ The Hoste


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