Saturday, 6 May 2017

Luxurious Babymoon | Cornwall, St Ives

~ Pre-written whilst babymooning 17.04.17 - 21.04.17 ~

As I write, Kev and I are on a romantic getaway in St Ives, Cornwall. We are curled up on the sofa, looking out from floor to ceiling glass doors that open out onto stunning coastal views over St Ives bay towards Gwithian lighthouse.   We hear the waves crashing against the rocks beneath our balcony and our view of turquoise ocean is as far as the eye can see.

At almost 8 months pregnant, I lay on the sofa, taking in as much of the surrounding views as possible, I look down at my growing belly and see our Lil B wriggling creating a ripple effect on my belly.   I remember the first time Kevin really connected in the pregnancy is when he could feel our Lil B’s flutters from inside of my belly at week 22.  His face was just pure amazement! I was so happy he could feel what I have been feeling and to share these moments with him meant we could both connect with our lil one together so much more. 

This jewel in the crown, luxurious little haven called Blackmoon is a simply decadent and breathtakingly beautiful little cottage. It sits right on Bamaluz beach with ultra-modern dark d├ęcor with rough granite wall tiles, a Moroccan style bath and ambient lighting creates a very romantic bolthole. It has a glass floor in the living room with a trap-door leading down to a private granite cave with your own little window looking out to the sea crashing against the rocks. What makes this place incredible is that you can lie on the super-king bed whilst watching the sun set or rise over the ocean allowing for some truly incredible views. This place is undeniably  the most perfect babymoon getaway for just the two of us.  

What is so nice about this cottage is that from the exterior, it looks like a very unassuming and modest cute little typical cottage, however, until you step inside, you feel as though you are transported into a completely different world…into your own little secret hidden bolthole.

Whist we have less than 7 weeks till our Lil B makes an imminent appearance, Kev and I are making the most of this stunning sanctuary as a twosome…


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