Monday, 26 November 2012

10年爱情 ~ 10 Year Anniversary

Kevin and I recently celebrated our 10 year relationship (& 6 months of marriage) and it is truly a remarkable milestone for us.

To mark and remember this momentous time of our lives, we decided to take a romantic trip away to Tuscany, in Italy, Florence, where we embedded memories into our hearts and minds. Italy holds an extremely fond place in my heart as Kevin proposed to me in Rome. So it is no wonder we always jump at the chance of visiting Italy whenever we can.

Florence is a wonderful and historical city, where we wandered some of the oldest streets in the city, sampled some of the finest home-made gelato, visited historic and symbolic landmarks and seen fantastic architecture all throughout the city. It is absolutely breathtaking, even for the individual who doesn't have an appreciation for amazing Renaissance era architecture will appreciate it the moment they see it.

And then there is the food. The food is amazing because you taste the natural flavours without it being overpowered by spices. Kev and I enjoyed the most amazing steak which was cooked on a smoked chargrill BBQ we ever had in our lives (seriously!) and it is fair to say that the Florentine's really know how to cook a steak! Needless to say, we had so much fun in Florence and we cannot wait to return in the near distant future.

Anyhooo, I wanted to share some pictures of our holiday with you as I want you to have a glimpse of what Kev and I were fortunately enough to see..

Sneaky shot of the original 'David’ by Michelangelo housed in the Academia Gallery in Firenze

The Baptistery Doors aka Battistero di San Giovanni

A few samples of beautiful and Intricate Renaissance Art and Sculptures in Piazza Della Signoria Main Square

The Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Foire is the main church of Florence

View from Ponte Vecchio

Kev and I at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Panoramic view of Piazzale Michaelangelo

On our way to Chianti, an area in is considered one of the most beautiful regions and is well known for its wine

We were lucky enough to sample a few of Chianti’s finest red wines

Cannot go to Italy and not sample the fresh extra virgin olive oil..!

Good for the heart, skin and also anti-aging!

Platter of Italian meats and sausages

Florentine Steak – BEST EVER! Cooked on charcoal

A vast selection of fine mushroom truffles, pasta and sweets. We also sampled a Gorgonzola cheese with prosciutto ham pancake...yum!

I hope you enjoyed snippets of our pictures!

More to come in future posts

Feel free to send me a link of any of your romantic holidays away that you'd like to share!

I love to read them!

Jen xoxo


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I would love to visit there soon. :)

    Happy 10th Anniversary to you and your hubby! How exciting and a great way to celebrate. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. Ahh thanks for your kind message Sheila! Always nice to see you here :) xoxo

  2. Beautiful photos, and happy anniversary! That's absolutely wonderful!


    The Kris Bliss

    1. Thank you Krisbliss! Very sweet of you to stop by, I really appreciate it. xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary! that is such a sweet post :) Love the pics!
    Following you now and looking forward to more posts:D
    do visit me at

    1. I love your blog name! Thanks for stopping by and I be sure to check out your website x

  4. congrats on your 10 year anniversary! It's so nice to see such a lovely couple. I've never been to Italy, but I really want to. Also, I think my bf kind of looks like the 'Original David' so I really want to see that statue in person too haha. Thank you for sharing such lovely images~ ~


    1. Ah, thanks for visiting me! I adore your blog as I always browse it just to look through your wonderful pictures! xox

  5. hey beauty! such a lovely blog and post, I'm following you now, hope you follow me back, kisses <3

  6. congratulations to you and your husband! you two look so cuute :)

    1. Thanks sweets! I am huge fan of your blog ever since I came across it a few weeks back! x

  7. ah Jen, just looking at your stunning photo's touches my own heart and brings back lovely memories of my own trips to Florence and Tuscany. There is something so magical and serene about Tuscany and you have captured it so perfectly! Florence is such a beautiful and romantic city but its so great that you took a drive out into the country too. I also had a chance to see the chianti region and a couple of small towns near Sienna but never got to go to a vineyard or olive garden. I so wana go back!!

    Big congratulations on your 10 year anniversary and best wishes for the next 10 years, you both make a beautiful couple

    Kiran xx

    1. Ah, thans Kiran. Such a sweet and honest message. Im glad we 'found' each other as I genuinely believe you are a very sweet natured person. Thank you for your kindness. Am glad I helped you to reminisce through your Italy days...beautiful is not enough to describe it eh!

    2. ah thank you so much Jen! That is really so incredibly sweet of you to say....its really the kindest compliment. I honestly feel the same too, you are such a lovely person, I really hope we will get the chance to meet at some point. K xx

  8. What a breathtaking, beautiful place and congratulations on the first milestone! You two are a beautiful couple! :


    1. Thank you so much KT. its so kind for you to leave a msg for me x

  9. hi dear thank u for your comment of my blog ı m your new follower too



  11. Congrats again Jen! May you both look back on these memories and make many beautiful ones for years to come. :)



  12. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a lovely blog, I'm following you now, kisses :)


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