Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kevin goes to India...

It's the 2nd time Kev has to leave for work purposes. The first time was when he was casted for a Hollywood multi-million pound movie which stars the much talented and gorgeous Keanu Reeves in a movie called 47 Ronin, based on a Japanese movie. During that time, he was an extra and was trained to do numerous martial arty things such as archery, fight scenes and sword fighting! He was literally inches from the main man himself (Keanu) and found working with him did not faze him at all as Keanu was such a laid back guy and not intimidating at all. 

Anyway, this time, he had to leave for India for 6 long weeks :( I miss him so much and for the 1st time, I realise that I cannot be without Kev close to my side as I do function at my optimum when he is around. He is such a strong part of my life and I am so grateful to have a boyfriend and a friend like him as he is not like no other and a man like Kev is so hard to find which is why I intend to cherish every single part of my life with him. Words cannot describe the feelings we have for each other as it cannot be categorised. We just know that what we have is special and no one will ever feel what we have for one another. (As every couple is different)

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