Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Welcome To My World...

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My blog is a piece of medium where I can write about my life and my current affairs so I can look back in my old age and reflect on what I've been up to. I guess it would also be evidence to my children in years to come to see what their parents have been up to! I only wish that I had started blogging during my early 20s as I have missed out on documenting so much. Ah well, life goes on. 

It is also a place where I can randomly share things with you, the readers. I have no structure in my blog. Anything goes. Come and join me in my randomness!

At this stage of my life, I am planning a wedding with my fiance, Kevin, which has been ongoing since he proposed to me on 21st November 2010, a few days after our official anniversary date, the 17th November. We had flew over to Rome to celebrate our 8th year anniversary and little did I know that he had travelled with a lovely sparkly Tiffany engagement ring in his pocket in which he traditionally knelt down on one knee and presented to me outside the impressive colosseum on our second to last night in Italy! A landmark which will never disappear, holds an impressive stature and where it embodies such amazing memories for us both. Long live the Colosseum. Love you K'Dang.

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