Thursday, 8 May 2014

Konnichiwa! Kev and Jen in Japan 2014

My husband Kev and I have been longing to visit Japan and has been on our ‘bucket list to do’ for several years and at long last, we have finally got round to ticking this destination off our extensive list!

We traveled out late March for 2.5 weeks (Purely to coincide with Kev’s birthday and to be able to experience the beautiful Sakura Season in Japan). I have documented and captured the amazing wonders of this intriguing place so that we are forever reminded of our epic experience and journey through this chaotic city. Through the madness, we also came across tranquil and picturesque escapes which would leave you in awe and amazement.

If you want to come along, I will take you through our diary through Tokyo and beyond...

Day 1 | 27th March 2014

We arrived profoundly tired after a long 12 hour flight from London Heathrow to Narita Airport, made our way to the ticket office where we bought our Suica Cards and NEX train tickets to Tokyo. From Tokyo, we managed to find the Yamanote Line to take us to Shinjuku, where our Hotel is located.

Making our way from Narita Aiport to Shinjuku was the easy part!/div>

Trying to locate the hotel in a ultra busy district of Shinjuku, in the rain, on the other hand, was not! Eventually, to our relief, we were guided to our hotel but was not able to check in until 2 hours later as we had arrived too early!

We dropped off our luggage and went to explore the area around our hotel and one of the first things we did was to find a place for some much needed food!

Thankfully, the hotel is situated in one of the most convenient places where food sources where at arm's length! We stumbled across a small restaurant serving noodles and Takoyaki - the're ball-shaped snacks usually filled with mince or diced seafood and often topped with dried Bonito flakes.

Once we checked in to our rooms, we had a much needed nap before we could start exploring our area. In fact one of our first stops was to Ginza. The Ginza district is known for it's luxury department stores spreading multiple floors, but we skipped all that jazz and headed straight to the world's largest flagship store, Uniglo! 

This store is spread over 12 floors! The prices here are much cheaper than in the UK and the variety and styles were so vast, we could have spent hours just shopping away time, but we didn't, we gave ourselves a limit, thankfully!

The view from our hotel room. Good night! x

|Hachiko - Japan's most famous Dog | March 2014

In the evening, we stopped by Shibuya to visit Japan's famous Dog Statue. Anyone who has heard of the story of Hachiko knows that the relationship between Hatchiko and his master is an emotional one. It is a story about a dog that possessed legendary and remarkable loyalty to his owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, before and even after his death.

Every day. Hachiko would see his master to and from work at Shibuya Station until one fateful day, in 1925, his master died from a brain hemorrhage and never came home. Hachiko would wait in vain every single day outside Shibuya Station for his master to return, even after 10 years after Prof Ueno's death.

The fact that Hachiko never gave up attracted local media and national attention, so much so that Hollywood turned the story into a feature film starring Richard Gere in 2010.

I knew I had to visit and take a picture of the statue of Hachiko as a reminder of ones' true loyalty.

The Statue is situated just outside a prominent landmark of Shibuya Station - next to the infamous large intersection crossing just outside Hachiko Exit.

Shibuya at night. It is popular for shopping and entertainment and is Tokyo's most colourful and busiest districts and swarms of visitors come to the district every day. Despite Shibuya being a centre for youth fashion culture (and is the birthplace to many Japan's fashion trends) Kev and I picked up very little in terms of clothes shopping. Perhaps that was a good thing!

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