Friday, 22 November 2013

Michelin Starred Dim Sum | Bo London | Mayfair | 11th November 2013

When an opportunity arises to munch on Michelin Starred food …one is clearly bonkers not to say yes! Especially when it’s dim sum food Michelin-fied! My husband and I invited a another couple to join us for dim sum lunch and we rocked down to London to try out Hong Kong Chef Alvin Leung’s creative culinary cuisine that has tantalised other people’s taste buds, we knew we had to give it a go ourselves.
Especially as we wanted to sample the high cuisine version of the traditional dim sum served in your local Chinese restaurant. Some of dishes in the Michelin starred menu included Black Truffle Soy Chinese Cheung Fun, Fried Squid Ball with Kaffir Lime, Unami Noodles, Har Gau with Black Truffle XO and Classic Xiau Long Bao.

Though the food was beautifully presented, looked and tasted delightful, it was disappointing to be presented with extra-petit portions servings, especially the Cheung Fun. I literally had to place the camera a few millimetres in front of it in order to capture the food. Now, I am not jaded, I know Michelin food is often served in smaller portions (we have previously sampled a tasting menu in Florence in Four seasons Hotel, Il Palagio, one-starred Michelin Restaurant before and we left feeling completely satisfied). However, Bo London took the ‘nouvelle cuisine’ to a new level. Besides the dumplings, portion sizes was beyond ridiculous for some of the dishes. Some dishes tasted 'ok', nothing extraordinary or worthy of a 1-star Michelin, in my opinion. On a lighter note, I would still recommend Bo London on flavour, taste and texture combination of some of the other dishes we sampled.

As Bo London menu prices were slightly off-putting, I personally would not return again as the menu was too expensive for what it was. This calibre of fine dining is not something we do frequently, but when we do, it must be memorable for all the right reasons.

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  1. WOW! O___O All that food looked amazing! Your photos had my mouth watering! I'd be disappointed too, that portion size wouldn't do for me. >.>;


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