Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cherry Blossoms along Meguru River | City Views in Roppongi Hills | Tokyo

Meguru River runs through Tokyo and during the Sakura season during early April, it is beautifully lined with approximately 800 cherry trees with what seems like millions of pastel pink petals floating along the river creating a wonderful and whimsical sight.    Our visit to Tokyo was lucky as we were in the middle of the Sakura season and the cherry trees that surround us was simply awe-inspiring, especially when the wind blows, it would create a snow effect with all the dainty pretty petals that would fall and get swept in the wind.  If during the day was inspiring, it would also be a lovely stroll during the evenings when the lanterns that light up the pathway.  We spent a considerable time here taking photos – it’s hard not to!  Although the location of the river is not set against the most natural surroundings, this does not detract the beauty of the most prestigious trees in Japan.   We are so appreciative to be able to experience this special time in Japan.

Anywhere we are in the world, we always include a visit somewhere high up and the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills was a good place to skim your eyes over Tokyo.  It is a large complex occupied by offices, art museums, shops and restaurants and an observation deck to the top floor. Initially, we wanted to catch the sun setting over Tokyo but our stomachs got the better of us so we went to grab dinner before heading up to the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, so we missed the sunset.  Nonetheless, the views, as you can imagine, does not disappoint.

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