Wednesday, 4 November 2015

NYC Day 5 (2014) | New York Public Library | 360 Panoramic Views from above and beyond | The Empire State Building

New York has been incredibly hectic and fast paced, so on the fifth day, we fueled ourselves with     another round of coffee, juice and pancakes, before tackling another manic yet exciting day in the     Big Apple. We decided to visit the Public Library, not least because I wanted to visit a place where SATC filmed! Who can forget that emotional wedding scene where… *well, I won’t spoil it for       anyone who hasn't watched the movie*! 

The Library is beautiful and the interior is classically grand. The architecture,  marble staircases and ceiling Muriels are simply beautiful. After visiting, I can certainly see why Big & Carrie wanted to get married here!  This library holds more than 51 million items from e-books, books, renowned research from around the world, DVDs, treasured historic collections such as Columbus' 1943 letter announcing his discovery of the New World!  If only we had more time to explore, I'm sure we could have been in there for days!

Having built up an appetite, we craved some greasy grub, so went chose randomly a place called Dallas BBQ and I can't remember the name of my order but a combo of fried shrimps, baby ribs, chargrilled chicken breast, a BBQ steak, side salad, corn bread and a side of chicken wings turned up - and that was just my order!  Kev ordered BBQ baby back ribs which came with fries and corn bread, As you can imagine, we could not eat most of the food, and I even gave my chicken wings away to the person on the next table to us.  They do say the portions are insane in America and they are true to their word! Oh and we bumped into Morgan Freeman on the way out. He wasn't impressed when I tried to kiss him!

We took a cab back to the hotel for a brief rest at the hotel to try and overcome the food coma and later headed back out to ascend 86 floors to the open observation desk of the Art Deco inspired Empire State Building to witness an incredible sunset over New York City. The skyscrapers were illuminated with a golden cast which created shadow and depth among the myriad and 'Tetris' of buildings we see beneath our feet.  The view from the top offers a 360 panoramic view and skyline of this amazing City. As we pan, we could see Lady Liberty standing proudly in the far far distance. 

As the sun starts to set, we witnessed an amazing 'golden hour' across the City. The skyscrapers reflect off from the Hudson River, the clouds dramatic yet striking as the sun begins a slow descend behind the skyscrapers.   A few moments later, the sky turns into a lilacy pink and blue hues of colours, reminiscent of a water colour painting.  As the shadows and darkness cast over us, the City below is prettily lit up and what can only be described as nothing short of dazzling!
If you ever visit TOTR or Empire State Building, take time to soak in the dramatic views of New York as the outdoor deck offers beauty, energy and wonderment of the concrete jungle you see beneath you.  You are literally in the heart of it all. Again, that evening, was one of many memorable and magical highlights of our trip.

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