Tuesday, 10 November 2015

NYC Final days 8 and 9 (2014) | Times Square | F L A T I R O N B U I L D I N G | Cha An Tea House | American Museum of Natural History | Central Park

Our last couple days in New York had come round far too quickly. We pretty much seen and done what we initially had planned for this trip and so I was happy to leave knowing that we experienced what we wanted to in the past nine days.   Briefly, the last few days included:

ô A last visit to Times Square. We shopped in American Eagle and was able to get our faces plastered on the large TV outside!  Yay!  We also spotted a Sponge bob post box! Cute!

ô We fancied something Asian-inspired so we headed to a cute Japanese ‘Tea House’ for lunch.  They had an extensive tea list, sweets and snacks and we ordered a bento style lunch set and a Chef’s Selection Dessert Sampler for dessert.

ô A visit to an iconic landmark. The Flat Iron Building was another must see when in NYC.  Viewing pictures from other bloggers and Instagram prior to our trip amazed me and I knew that we had to view this building for ourselves.  It is a triangular 22-storey steel framework building. At a certain angle the building appears completely one dimensional and as you see it from another angle, it becomes 3-dimensional again. Such a clever architectural structure.

ô A visit to NYC wouldn't be complete without a Broadway show. Although we initially wanted to see ‘Aladdin’, we opted for Chicago because we booked tickets last minute and Chicago was the only show available for our preferred date.  Nonetheless, it was a great performance.

ô The following day, we visit the American Museum of Natural History. This was the only museum we could squeeze into our trip as time was of the essence, however,  we were nicely occupied with the variety of exhibitions that were in place. 

ô Magnolia Bakery – we had to sample a few of their delicious baked goodies!

ô A final stop to Central Park to visit new areas of the park as our visit on day 5 was not long enough to cover the whole park! 

ô We needed a bite to eat before heading to the airport. Bubba Gump did the job nicely.

If you have been to NYC, what were your favourite moments?

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