Friday, 13 November 2015

4 days in Paris (2014) | PART II | November

part deux

As first timers in Paris, this place offers such beauty, culture and inviting Parisian delights. Much of our time was seeing the beautiful sights and enjoying good food. A lot of people who we know who has been to Paris warns us that Parisians are unfriendly.  We found it the complete opposite. I know we all experience differences when in any country we're in, but we did have the most enjoyable time we could have possibly had and we are so grateful to have been treated so nicely by everyone that we met along the way.  

We had locals protecting us from the pick pockets that were trying to prowl on Kev and I and then an argument between the locals and the thieves broke out on the train that we were on!  It re-assuring to know that there are people who’ll cover each other’s backs, and in an incident like this, it was very touching.  

Our trip ended with lunch at L'Avant Comptoir, a small but fun stand-up wine bar where you order food from the menu that dangles from the ceiling. They have many small plates that for you to try and the atmosphere is very easy going.  This stand up wine bar was made popular among food enthusiasts by the famous American Chef Anthony Bourdain. We can see many locals and people from all over the world here, enjoying good conversations.  

We stood next to a Parisian lady, in her 70s, rather quirky, wearing googled glasses and a hat, offered her food & wine with us, and we offered ours, and we chatted like old friends as her presence made us so comfortable.   To the other side of us, an Australian man, who is a chef, told us he had traveled all the way to this place just to try the food based on a recommendation made by his friend, also a chef, shares his foie gras with us because we told him we never eaten it before. He was shocked and really wanted us to try it, so we did. It wasn't to our taste but we appreciated his kindness to us. We had to leave to catch our flight,  and we gave him our plate of meat which we couldn't finish. We will never forget how friendly and generous the people are and meeting them was one of our last highlights of our trip.  This place really is a gem.  It was by far the best couple hours of our time spent in here. 

Paris, you have been so good to us.  Au revoir. 


  1. Beautiful pictures of Paris!! Love reading your story of getting to know the locals and people worldwide at the stand up wine bar. Look forward to seeing more posts from you!!

    Sartorial Diner

    1. Thank you for stopping by and having a read! Am currently in Japan so I'm sure I can conjure up new travel posts soon. I'll go and have a browse on your blog too x

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  3. I really enjoyed scrolling through your beautiful pictures of Paris! :) What a coincidence, I also went to Paris in the week of 9 November ;P It's one of my favorite cities <3 A new follower over here! Looking forward to other posts of you ^^


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